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About Us

BT Fleet represents the specialist fleet management arm of the BT Group and manages over 120,000 vehicles for a set of high profile clients including the AA, G4S, National Grid, Network Rail, Post Office and Thames Water.

In addition to this is the Openreach fleet - guardians and maintainers of the UK's local access network, without which the country’s communication industry would grind to a halt.

As such, we consider ourselves experts in commercial and utility vehicles, although of course this does not limit our competence in other areas of fleet management - we are equally adept handling both commercial vehicles, as we are heavy duty and specialist plant equipment.

The high level of customer service that BT Group is recognised for, means you can also be assured of an equally superior standard with BT Fleet. Each member of our team is a transport and automotive professional, taking pride in delivering quality services at competitive prices.

In addition to our key fleet management and SMR (service, maintenance and repair) business offerings, is our 500-strong garage network, of which over 65 are owned by BT Fleet.

Our nationwide network of garages means you are never far from a repair centre, ensuring vehicle downtime is minimised and maintenance is consistently delivered to the highest standards.

BT Fleet aligns itself with best practice in the fleet industry. We are consistently pushing the boundaries of technology, environmental awareness and service to make sure our customers run their fleets in not only a responsible manner, but an effective one, again delivering cost savings in everything we do.

You can be confident that all of our processes are built with you in mind, driven by our ISO 14001, environmental management, and ISO 9001, quality management accreditation.