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Utilities Sector Fleets

BT Fleet has a long and distinguished history of providing bespoke fleet solutions to the utilities sector.

Companies such as National Grid, Thames Water, EDF, UK Power Networks and E.ON all entrust their fleet requirements to us and have done for a combined 20 years.

Alongside these companies, we also manage BT Group’s fleet of 32,000 cars and light commercial vehicles – one of Europe’s largest and most complex.

Openreach are maintainers and guardians of the UK’s local access network, the hub on which the country’s entire communications industry depends.  Taking care of Openreach’s daily fleet requirements is no small undertaking and requires logistical precision of the highest order.

The same can be said of our other utilities customers, who must be able to react to any situation at a moment’s notice, due to the implications a delayed response can potentially have on customers and the public.

It is also these fleets that typically have the most specific requirements, depending on their vehicles to carry unique, specialist equipment from one job to the next.

BT Fleet’s expert consultants are trained and experienced in the most efficient ways to run utilities sector fleets and we can cater to businesses of almost any type, including but not limited to:

  • Infrastructure
  • Energy
  • Rail
  • Roads
  • Sewage
  • Water supply
  • Mass transit

To fnd out more about how BT Fleet can help transform your fleet, please get in touch.