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Products & Services

We appreciate that not all of our clients’ needs are the same; that each must be treated with care, precision and a degree of individuality.

Furthermore, fleet management can be a notoriously complicated and time-consuming business process, owing mainly to the amount of resource running a large fleet of vehicles can demand.

It is for these reasons we have made sure our product and service offering is flexible and scalable, allowing us to satisfy our customers’ needs no matter how intricate or specialist they may be.

Whether you require a straightforward maintenance management service, or a fully outsourced, all-encompassing fleet management solution, BT Fleet can meet your requirements.

In short, our fleet management services include:

  • Maintenance management
  • Garage services
  • Accident management
  • Vehicle rental
  • Vehicle build management
  • Vehicle remarketing
  • Management information
  • 3rd party supplier management